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"We needed something fast and flexible. This is the solution we found worked best. We rely on QubeVu."

Dave Field | COO | Nightline Group

"We've achieved huge savings with QubeVu, starting with a 95% reduction in shipping chargebacks."

Carl Hamann | VP Warehouse Operations | Nelson Jameson

"We anticipate savings of more than $100,000 annually. Multiply that by 4 as we roll the system out across all our facilities."

Jeff Collins | President | Cascade

QubeVu will
"transform warehousing."

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Nothing else measures up

Our patented 3D technology offers the world's fastest dimensioning, certified accuracy on any shape, and class-leading ease of use. From our quick-setup DimStation® model to our ultra-sophisticated Cloud network, QubeVu solutions are a generation ahead of the "dim-osaurs" offered by others. No matter your dimensioning needs, QubeVu leads the way.

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A family of solutions, each one at the top of its class

Inbound, outbound, warehouse, conveyable freight or LTL, static or in-motion,
there's a QubeVu that's perfect for your needs.


Take control

QubeVu dimensioning is fast becoming "best practice" for warehouses, shippers, distribution centers, e-com, logistics, and other industries. The benefits are too good to overlook, with modest investment and fast ROI.

Control shipping costs

Carrier rates are increasingly based on parcel size, leaving many shippers no way of predicting or controlling costs. Dimensioning puts you back in charge. One customer's experience: "We cut chargebacks by 95%."

Win the space race

Warehouse and vehicle space is valuable. Dimensioning allows you to make use of every cubic foot. Our customers report efficiency bumps of 20%+.

Total chain management

QubeVu's integrated imaging and Cloud functions give you a record of everything in your supply chain – invaluable for security, claim protection, Big Data analysis, and compliance.

Introducing support for the Rice Lake BenchPro™ scale series

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