QubeVu Workstation

Workstation combines QubeVu's dimensioning power with high-resolution optics for complete data capture – high res image, barcodes and OCR support – in quick-setup solution.

Instant dimensions and total data capture

Workstation is so fast and powerful we call it "data-mentioning." It's the foundation of truly intelligent parcel stream and space management. Items are scanned in under a second, yielding a complete "data footprint" – dimensions and weight, text, barcodes, and high-res imagery. Together – and with no manual entry – these create a complete profile of each item in your chain of custody.

The next generation of opportunity

In addition to space management and optimal shipping terms, this kind of database opens up new opportunities for compliance, loss mitigation, and process optimization: from form and multiple-barcode capture to automatic address vetting and Big Data trend analysis.


QubeVu works with most USB-compatible scales. We feature the Rice Lake BenchPro™ scale series for many applications. Be sure and ask about it.

  • High-resolution optics support better quality image, barcode capture and OCR
  • 30-minute setup
  • Base, pole and display and all software included – everything you need to dimension right out of the box
  • Compact footprint; easy to integrate into existing operations
  • Use stand-alone or integrate easily with QubeVu's web-based interface
  • Accepts most USB-enabled scales as an option
  • Appropriate for industrial and retail applications
  • World's fastest dimensioning
  • Certified accuracy on any shape, in any orientation
  • Totally automatic scanning with no object alignment needed
  • XML API integration
  • Plug & play with popular WMS and shipping software packages, including UPS Worldship
  • Captures a photo of every item
  • No moving parts and zero maintenance
  • Invented, designed, and assembled in the USA

Choose from a selection of guaranteed-compatible accessories to complete your solution. Ask your salesperson for details.


For every application. Featuring the Rice Lake BenchPro™ scale series.


Offering optional portable power by Newcastle Systems.


Proven plug & play compatibility.

Configuration All-in-one dimensioning solution. Pole-mounted unit with integrated base.
SpeedDimensions in under a second
Data collected
  • Dimensions
  • High-resolution item image for barcode capture and OCR support, as well as tracking, verification and claim protection
  • With scale, weight is also displayed
Object shapeCubes, tubes, polybags – nearly any package shape in any orientation
Object size range
Minimum Maximum
Length 1.5 in 4 cm 48 in 120 cm
Width 1.5 in 4 cm 28 in 70 cm
Height 0 in 0 cm 28 in 70 cm
Accuracy0.2 in (5 mm) on cuboidal shapes
0.5 in (10 mm) on irregular shapes
Scale compatibility Compatible with most USB-enabled scales for automatic weight capture. Scale can be included as an option.
Power requirements Single source 110-240v external power supply, US power cord
Product dimensions (L x W x H) 26 x 14.5 x 67.5 in
66 x 37 x 171.5 cm
Product weight 33 lb/15 kg complete
Operating temperature 41° F to 104° F
5° C to 40° C
Maintenance Sealed unit with no moving parts: no maintenance required
ApprovalsCertified as legal for trade, as well as for accuracy and safety: NTEP, OIML, MID, CE, FCC
Standalone use requirementsImmediate functionality – PC required
Integrated use requirementsXML API integration. Also plug & play with popular shipping and WMS software, including UPS WorldShip. Contact us for a the growing list of compatible applications.


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