The Leader in Dimensioning

QubeVu's patented 3D technology offers
  • The world's fastest dimensioning
  • Certified accuracy on any shape
  • and class-leading ease of use
QubeVu solutions are a generation ahead of the "dim-osaurs" offered by others. No wonder we're the fastest growing brand.

Dimensions plus

In addition to dimensions and weight, QubeVu takes a photo of every item. Support for multi-barcode reading and OCR is available too, for a complete "data footprint" of every item.

Fast, accurate, cost-effective

Besides jaw-dropping speed, QubeVu offers "field of view" scanning. Just toss an item under the head, and QubeVu does the rest: instant, automatic scans of any shape, in any orientation, with no alignment needed. No work process is faster.

Small footprint and quick setup

QubeVus fit almost anywhere; many of our customers retrofit their facilities without moving a single piece of existing equipment. And QubeVus set up in minutes instead of days. Plus, with QubeVu's XML API integration – and compatibility with popular warehouse and shipping software – you'll be up and running in no time.

Buy or lease

Even with all its capabilities, QubeVu costs less than many competitive machines. In addition to great pricing, we offer a no-money down lease program for any QubeVu. No capital expense means you can get started right away.

The next generation of opportunity

QubeVu's power and flexibility mean you can capture complete data from every item in your warehouse or parcel stream and benefit from system-wide volumetric management – with new opportunities for compliance, loss mitigation, and process optimization.


QubeVu works with most USB-compatible scales. We feature the Rice Lake BenchPro™ scale series for many applications. Be sure and ask about it.

  • World's fastest dimensioning
  • Certified accuracy on any shape, in any orientation
  • Totally automatic scanning with no object alignment needed
  • XML API integration
  • Plug & play with popular WMS and shipping software packages, including UPS Worldship
  • Captures a photo of every item
  • No moving parts and zero maintenance
  • Invented, designed, and assembled in the USA

Choose from a selection of guaranteed-compatible accessories to complete your solution. Ask your salesperson for details.


For every application. Featuring the Rice Lake BenchPro™ scale series.


Offering optional portable power by Newcastle Systems.


Proven plug & play compatibility.


Economical and purpose-built, for fast setup and easy mounting.


Family Product Sheet
Overview of the QubeVu family of dimensioning solutions.


QubeVu Developer Guide
Illustrated installation and setup instructions.
QubeVu Manager Guide
Reference guide for QubeVu Manager Tools.
QubeVu Operator's Guide
Instructions and best practices for QubeVu users.