QubeVu GoCart

GoCart and GoCart Max bring QubeVu dimensioning everywhere you need it, from your loading dock to your warehouse aisle.

Cut steps and boost throughput

Mobile solutions are proven to cut steps and boost work rate by up to 50%. Combine that with QubeVu's intelligent, lightning-fast dimensioning and data scanning and you'll realize dramatic increases in throughput.

Reinventing the wheel

GoCart is designed from the ground up for optimal efficiency. With support for any QubeVu model, swappable portable power for 24/7 usefulness, and a comprehensive set of accessories – and two sizes – you can create a truly custom productivity station.

Premium power

GoCart features Newcastle Systems' swappable Nucleus Lithium Power System. When power runs low, simply swap out power package with a fully charged one. Each power package offers quiet, seamless AC power and a 5-7 year or 3,000-cycle battery life. Economical lead acid systems are also available.


QubeVu works with most USB-compatible scales. We feature the Rice Lake BenchPro™ scale series for many applications. Be sure and ask about it.

  • Industrial-strength construction
  • Newcastle Systems swappable Nucleus Lithium Power System
  • Economical lead acid systems are also available
  • Comprehensive option set, including extra shelves, monitor mount, scanner holster, and laptop holder
  • Two sizes: GoCart (30" long) and GoCart Max (48" long). GoCart Max allows the dimensioning of larger items and offers plenty of shelf space for inventory and tools.
  • Support for any QubeVu – including available mounting poles for DimStation XL and Industrial models

Choose from a selection of guaranteed-compatible accessories to complete your solution. Ask your salesperson for details.


For every application. Featuring the Rice Lake BenchPro™ scale series.


Proven plug & play compatibility.

Supported QubeVu modelsOptions for any QubeVu model. Purpose-built pole available as an option for non-pole versions.
Portable power optionsHot Swappable LiFePo4: 460/920 wh
Sealed Lead Acid: 1200/2400 wh
Weight capacity125 lb/56.7 kg
Castors6” x 2” (152 x 51 mm) rubber wheels; 2 fixed, 2 locking swivel
Product dimensions (L x W x H)


25 x 49 x 33 in (96.5 in with mounted DimStation)
66 x 125 x 84 cm (245 cm with mounted DimStation)

GoCart Max

26 x 56.5 x 33 in (96.5 in with mounted DimStation)
66 x 144 x 84 cm (245 cm with mounted DimStation)
Product weight
160 lb/73 kg 180 lb/82kg
1 at 12 x 21 in/53 x 31 cm
1 at 24 x 30 in/61 x 76 cm
1 at 12 x 21 in/53 x 31 cm
1 at 24 x 48 in/61 x 122 cm
PowerSwap Product Sheet
Detail and specs for GoCart's premium lithium power system