QubeVu Offers Stop-and-Go Dimensioning for Inline Applications

CAMBRIDGE, MA — March 20, 2018 — QubeVu, creator of the world's fastest dimensioning systems, has added a stop-and-go conveyor-based unit to its expanding family of solutions. When placed in-line with an automated belt system, the stop-and-go unit emulates in-motion solutions at a small fraction of the cost.

QubeVu tapped partner Megavera Automation — a global leader in dynamic material handling equipment – to integrate an advanced timed belt system with their proven DimStation® dimensioning solution. Weight capture is also integrated. The capable, economical system is especially attractive to shippers and distribution centers that want to maximize the financial benefits of dimensioning without sacrificing the efficiency of high-speed operations.

Omar Dajani, QubeVu Sales Director, says the integrated conveyor systems are an all-in-one solution that customers have been asking for. "QubeVu adds intelligent data collection to process automation. With QubeVu's sub-second, certified accurate measurement of any shape, you don't have to slow down conveyors to record the dimensions, weight, and image of every package – even polybags or unpackaged items – so the package stream keeps moving without any special handling," says Dajani. Dajani points out that some QubeVu models also capture barcode information for OCR support.