QubeVu Showcases Dimensioning Solutions on New Website

CAMBRIDGE, MA — February 20, 2018 — QubeVu, creator of the world's fastest dimensioning systems, has launched a new customer-focused website showcasing its family of dimensioning solutions. Part reference guide, part user-expert advice column, and part product brochure, the website crystallizes the business case for dimensioning and simplifies the process of selecting the best tool depending on customer requirements.

The new website features straight forward product comparison charts, dimensioning resources, as well as customer success stories. Will Crosby, QubeVu Marketing Director, says "clarity" is the watchword of QubeVu's website re-design. "We understand that shippers and warehouse and distribution center managers want to adopt dimensioning – but they have busy schedules. We've streamlined our website to make the research easier and the learning curve shorter," says Crosby.

QubeVu will be updating the new site on a regular basis, including a dimensioning resource blog and continuing its series of customer stories that prove the business case for dimensioning. "Our customers tell the same story over and over – installation is quick and painless, and the ROI of a QubeVu dimensioning solution is shockingly fast – almost immediate," says Crosby.