Company Overview

Postea is the maker of QubeVu, and is the fastest growing provider of dimensioning solutions. Our patented technologies yield highly intelligent, reliable, small footprint solutions. From our quick-setup DimStation® model to our ultra-sophisticated Cloud network, QubeVu solutions are a generation ahead of the "dim-osaurs" offered by others.

From experience, innovation

Industry veterans Michael J. Murphy and Elmar Toime founded Postea after decades of innovation managing other enterprises. They shared the conviction that intelligent technologies would open tremendous opportunities in the e-commerce, logistics, distribution, courier, postal and retail industries. It wasn't long before Postea was awarded the first of its patents and was well on its way to developing its breakthrough product, QubeVu.

Looking ahead

Dimension capture is just the beginning. The Postea team is hard at work on gen 2 solutions, including in-motion and "panopticon" technologies that integrate machine learning, blockchain, IoT and AI to create truly disruptive solutions that offer enhanced efficiency, compliance, chain of custody management, and service quality.

Our spirit of innovation is stronger than ever as the company attracts some of the best business and scientific people in strategy, research, optic analysis, applied math, and user experience. And it's no accident that our offices are near some of the world's leading technology universities. All backed up by global sales and support – including an ISO 9001-trained support and services team.